Series LLC For Investors in Florida

Real estate investors get excited when learning about the benefits of a Series LLC for real estate investors. Florida investors are no different, and often first want to know whether there is a Florida Series LLC. Continue reading to learn more information about the best way to establish a Series LLC as an investor in Florida, which entity structures may be most useful to the Florida-based real estate investor, and more details about protecting your rental properties with a Series LLC.

Is There Such a Thing as a Florida Series LLC?

Whether a State offers a Series LLC will depend on that State’s laws for establishing Limited Liability Companies. At the time of this writing, Florida does not currently offer a Series LLC. But this does not mean you are forced to pick from Florida’s entity offerings. Investors can actually pick which State’s “rules” they’d like to play by when the select which state to form their entity in. Naturally, this leaves many of you wondering which State is best for the Florida investor.

Out-of-State Series LLCs Offer Solutions for Florida Investors

If you know the Series LLC is likely to be the best entity for you, take heart in the fact that you can form one outside of Florida. Why limit yourself to in-state details when forming elsewhere could save you thousands?

The Texas Series LLC is an ideal solution for many investors. You don’t have to own property, nor ever even travel to Texas to use a Texas Series LLC. While we all know that the Series LLC is inherently beneficial, here are some perks that are special to Texas’s Series LLC.

  • Cost savings. Your fees are limited to a single filing fee with a low rate of $300, which is among the cheapest in the country.
  • Tax savings. Everything is bigger in Texas, except our state income tax. That’s because the State of Texas does not have a state income tax. Moreover, Texas does not tax your Child Series, or even your business annually as other states may with a Traditional LLC. Come business tax time, your main job is to file “no taxes due” with the State’s Comptroller, which is about as easy as taxes get. 
  • Operational perks. If you’re using a traditional bookkeeping system, you can carry on business essentially as usual. We’ve had clients run their records with a simple Excel sheet and attention to detail.

While the Texas Series LLC is our first choice for Florida investors, you may also take the time to research the Delaware model. It is similar in protections, albeit a bit more expensive for many investors as the state does have an income tax.

Royal Legal Solutions Can Help Establish Your Series LLC and Other Asset Protection Structures

The real estate lawyers at Royal Legal Solutions can help you establish your Series LLC, whether you’re in the Sunshine State or elsewhere. We help real estate investors from all over the country set up the best entities for them and their business goals.  Schedule your personalized asset protection consultation today to find out more about the best asset protection tools for you.

Last Updated: 
February 4, 2019

Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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