Series LLC For Real Estate Investors In Massachusetts

For the uninitiated, the Series LLC boasts many benefits, ranging in uses from streamlining your business to simplifying taxes. But if you’re here, you’ve likely heard about the structure’s unique asset protection benefits. Believe the hype. This structure is a powerful entity that is suitable for the vast majority of investors we speak with. But there’s always confusion around location, which we hope to clear up a bit today.

Real estate investors in Massachusetts always want to know whether their state offers the Series LLC first. Well, your wish is our command. We’ll answer that question first, and go into greater depth about the best ways for you to  form your Series LLC as a Massachusetts real estate investor.

Can I Get a Massachusetts Series LLC?

Massachusetts currently has no Series LLC legislation. An understanding of how a state adopts a Series LLC may be helpful. Like all LLCs, the Series LLC is controlled at the state level. All fifty states, including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, offer a Traditional LLC. So typically, when a state adds a Series option, all they need to do is incorporate the Series LLC and the rules it must follow into their existing LLC legislation.

Massachusetts hasn’t, but that’s okay. One of the beautiful things about the Series LLC is that if your state doesn’t offer it, or you don’t like your state’s rules, you can play by a different state’s rules instead. Let’s dive into that a little more.

The Texas Series LLC: The Smart Solution For the Massachusetts Investor

No matter where you live, you always have the option to form a Series LLC elsewhere. A Series LLC is as strong as the state it’s formed in, precisely because the state laws discussed above determine how well the entity protects your assets. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and done the research on all fifty states, and of course, their pros and cons.

This research and our years of experience forming and implementing the Series LLC in a real estate context have shown us that the Texas Series LLC is generally the best option for Massachusetts investors. Considering you have your pick from the entire country, why not go with the best?

The Texas Series LLC is dirt-cheap, with one filing fee of $300 and no state income tax. Texas has some of the mightiest asset protection laws in America and strong charging order protection. All that’s on top of the fact that it’s the last asset-holding entity you’ll need to buy, since you can add assets and grow indefinitely. It’s convenient, too. Our firm offers end-to-end service where we assist with everything you need, from formation and filing through property transfers.

Royal Legal Solutions is Here For Your Series LLC Needs

The Series LLC experts at Royal Legal Solutions are among the best in the asset protection field. Our attorneys, advisors, and other team members work hard to bring you the latest and most accurate information. We also know how to take your whole situation into account and reject the ideas of cookie-cutter entities or asset protection plans. Personal details and your level of exposure will dictate whether you may need additional tools or special attention to certain legal details to become truly judgment-proof. If you’re ready to put fear of lawsuits in the rearview and learn what the Series LLC can do for you, schedule your consultation now.

Last Updated: 
April 23, 2019

Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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