Series LLC For Real Estate Investors in Ohio

Whether you’re set on forming a Series LLC or interested in the Series LLC’s benefits for real estate investors, this article will give you the very basics on what you need to know about setting up a Series LLC as an Ohio investor. We will go over in-state and out-of-state options, while answering some frequently asked questions and providing tips for how you can get the help you need from your paid professionals.

Is There an Ohio Series LLC?

Each State has its definitions about which entities may be formed within its borders. Ohio is not yet among these forward-looking States. Whether this will be the best entity for you will depend on a variety of circumstances, both personal and business. There are good reasons for the Ohio investor to form a Series LLC out-of-state.

Sometimes these reasons are obvious, such as cost. Ohio investors may want to form out-of-state is to take advantage of the stronger asset protection laws in other states or to make use of certain types of trusts not allowed by Ohio law. To help you understand your option, below we will compare the Ohio Traditional LLC with its counterparts from other states with forgiving LLC laws for investors.

Series LLC Options for Ohio Investors: Texas and Delaware

Although Ohio is a great state for forming a Traditional LLC, we recommend the Series LLC for asset protection. There’s a danger to “pooling” multiple assets into one Ohio LLC. If that LLC is ever sued, everything in it is vulnerable to seizure.

The Texas Series LLC is an ideal solution for many investors. You don’t have to own property, nor ever even travel to Texas to use a Texas Series LLC. While we all know that the Series LLC is inherently beneficial, here are some perks that are special to Texas’s Series LLC.

  • Cost savings. You pay the state once to file, but have the luxury of having as many Series as you like. Texas’s $300 filing fee is on the very lowest end of the price spread for the country at the time of this writing.
  • Tax advantages. Texas has no income tax, so your only duty for Tax Season will be filing “no taxes due” with the State Comptroller. At Royal Legal Solutions, we offer a subscription service where we take care of this part for you.
  • Use of Anonymous trusts in conjunction with your Series LLC is possible for greater asset protection.

Delaware offers similar benefits, but is more expensive.

Royal Legal Solutions Can Assist Ohio Investors With Series LLCs and More

The asset protection experts at Royal Legal Solutions can help you establish your Series LLC, whether you’re in Ohio for now or forever. To truly know which option will be best for you, one of our experts will need to review your situation with you. You really are unique, as is your real estate business. Which structures will be best is something that you can hash out quickly with a seasoned pro, but we need to know your circumstances. Let our team of legal professionals help you. Schedule your personalized asset protection consultation now.

Last Updated: 
February 4, 2019

Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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