Solo 401(k) For Real Estate Investors

Self-direct your 401(k) for higher contributions, investment freedom, tax breaks, and more

The Solo 401(k), also known as the self-directed 401(k), is a retirement option that savvy real estate investors can exploit with professional guidance.


Can anyone have a Self-Directed 401(k)?

The Solo 401(k) was designed for self-employed individuals. As such, it has one key criterion: that you be the sole owner and operator of a business with no employees aside from your spouse. Unless, of course, you let us help you.


How is the Solo 401(k) different from a traditional plan?

In brief, you have greater investment freedom with the Solo 401(k). Traditional plans limit your investments, often to the products available from the custodian. Self-directing your account offers Checkbook Control, giving you nearly limitless investment options.


What else do I need to qualify for a Solo 401(k)?

You need an airtight, legal method for reaping the benefits of the Solo 401(k). And this is the part where our experts have you covered. To learn more, you can check out our Solo 401(k) articles and videos. You may also be interested in our Solo 401K Compliance For Real Estate Investors.

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Major benefits of Self-Directed 401(k)

Real estate investors are attracted to the Solo 401(k) for the control it gives them over retirement. In addition to checkbook control, which allows nontraditional investments, other benefits include:

  • Contribution limits higher than an IRA.
  • Roth option.
  • Asset and creditor protection abilities.
  • Tax sheltering and equity stripping.
  • Retain your autonomy by not needing “permission” from a custodian for transactions.
  • Ability to borrow from the plan.

Royal Legal Solutions Offers a Range of Solo 401(k) Services

When you form your Solo 401(k) with Royal Legal Solutions serving as your custodian, you get one-stop asset protection service. Our 401(k) experts can assist you with every step. For the absolute highest level of service, consider pairing the Solo 401(k) with the Royal Protection Plan, our option for investors who want all of the paperwork taken care of.

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Features of our Solo 401(k)s

Simple Setup

Establishing a Solo 401(k) with us is easy. You remain in control of your investments, yet get the benefit of full service and professional support. Our clients get everything they need to get their plan established.

When you establish your plan through Royal Legal Solutions, our professionals ensure you have everything you need.

Basic Forms

First and foremost, we ensure you have your plan’s documentation, designated beneficiary, contribution, and rollover forms. On top of the basics, we also provide 401(k) loan forms. We can show you how to use all of it.

Banking Essentials

For optimal asset protection, your plan will have its own checking account. So, we make sure you also have your EIN number. We even help you set up your bank account completely online for maximum convenience!

Royal Legal Solutions as Your Custodian

Our plans are powered by Kingdom Trust, but Royal Legal Solutions will be here to assist you from formation through distribution. Our experts are here to answer your questions and support you fully through the process.


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