Title Clouding Within Real Estate Investing

Title Clouding Within Real Estate Investing

[00:08] The reason that it's important to be able to use a series. I'll all see it's because you want compartmentalization of the asset. If there's ever a lawsuit against you and you're on the property personally or your LLC and your LLC owns multiple properties, you should be prepared for some filing against all of your properties known as a Liz pendens. What that means is that there's a potential lawsuit regarding that property. This is does something that's called clouding title. It prevents you from being able to sell that property to other people and gives a significant legal advantage to anybody trying to sue you. Think about how much that hurts your business if you're not able to sell a potential flip or being able to liquidate an asset if you're having to wait for potentially years to resolve some litigation. My name is Scott Smith. I'm an asset protection attorney out to Austin, Texas. I'm a real estate investor and I want to help you.

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Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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