What You Can Expect From a Full Service Entity Formation Firm

When you form your entity for your real estate business, there are plenty of choices to make. Using a full-service entity formation firm like Royal Legal Solutions helps take some of the guesswork out of entity set-up and gives you a place to go with your questions. Resist the temptation to give in to the cheap allure of entity-in-a-box services, and learn more about what full-service formation means now.

Access to Actual Specialized Attorneys

Creating your entity at a full-service firm means legal experts are drafting your legal documents, filing the appropriate information with the state, and customizing your entity to your needs. Perhaps you want to bring in a partner on one deal, but not another. Or maybe you’d like a Series LLC because you plan to grow your portfolio. These are simple goals to accomplish when you have a full range of legal tools and experts who know how to use them.

But if you’re using a service that provides one-size-fits-all companies, you’ll get the same thing all their clients get: a one-size-fits-all entity.  We can’t recommend that you be that careless with the entity that is supposed to protect your investments.

Forming an LLC: Easy as 1-2-3

Just because you’re using a law firm doesn’t mean the process is complicated. We can’t speak for the entire legal profession, but our pros don’t care much for pointless tasks or meaningless paperwork. We keep our process simple and transparent. Forming the entity you need is done in three steps:

  1. Attend your personalized consultation to pick your entity. Our advisors will get to know you. You’ll have a quick chat about your business, ambitions, and anything else you think we should know.
  2. Provide the relevant details for forming your entity. Depending on what you select, you may fill out a quick form, speak to a consultant, or both.
  3. Wait. We need time to do your legal work, make appropriate filings with the state, and ensure your entity will work for you. Most of the time, we can get new clients going in about six weeks, but your project may take more or less time depending on its complexity and the components of your strategy.

We can form both Traditional and Series LLCs, as well as other entities and legal agreements for your real estate business. If our experts advise that another entity structure such as a corporation or Delaware Statutory Trust is more appropriate for you, forming these entities is just as easy for us. Document services usually won’t even mention, let alone offer, these nuanced options.

First of all, these are well outside of the cookie cutter services offered.  If you only sell LLCs structured one way, it’s easy re-use the exact same documents for each client. That’s not what full-service firms do. We actually have to listen to, understand, and explain things back to our clients, making a genuine assessment of what is best for each based on the client’s situation and our expertise.

Advice on Using Your Business Entity

When you form your entity with Royal Legal Solutions, our skilled asset protection attorneys can also advise you on the best way to use your new structure. This level of personal attention, and your ability to ask real experts your personal questions, is what makes full-service formation far more worthwhile than a quickie online service. Other companies may be happy to form your entity but will gladly go silent when it comes to how to use it. Most of the time, this is because these companies aren’t allowed to give you legal advice like lawyers can. Giving advice isn’t what they do. Selling pre-fabricated LLCs is. But strategy is our domain. If you want a company you can build a real asset protection plan on, you want full-service. You want Royal Legal Solutions.

Last Updated: 
May 22, 2019

Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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