Dear Real Estate Investor: Lawsuits Are a Money-Driven Business


[00:07] As a real estate investor, you have to understand that lawsuits are a business and anybody’s looking to sue you. They’re looking to get money out of you. I’ve proper asset protection strategy keeps you from going from finding out what you own and if they ever were to see you, it limits what they can get to, but more importantly, a great asset protection strategy exhausts their will and the resources to fight you. This keeps people from continuing with the lawsuit. It gets them to settle early. It gets them, in most cases, to stop the lawsuit before it even starts. What you have to understand is that because law suits our business, the main part is how do we get money out of somebody when we sue them. This is what an asset protection strategy fights. Since it protects the assets from being seized by somebody via judgment, then that person doesn’t believe that they’re going to get anything out of their investment in a lawsuit because you see lawsuits only paid for in two ways.

[01:12] It’s either I pay an attorney to sue or that the attorney takes it on contingency. But if in my research of the individual, I find out that they have no assets that it looks like on paper, then they qualify for food stamps. How much money am I willing to risk for a judgment which is merely a piece of paper without an asset to be able to seize a judgment is worthless. Moreover, there is no attorney that’s worth his salt that ever going to take a case like that on contingency, which is free for the client and the attorney risks everything. Attorneys only take sure fire cases that they are very confident that they can win and collect on. So when you ask yourself, how do I protect myself from a lawsuit, which you should really be asking yourself is how do I make it look like I don’t own it? My name is Scott Royal Smith. I’m with royal legal solutions and I’m an asset protection attorney for real estate investors and I’m a real estate investor myself, and I’d like to help you

[02:16] if you thought this content was good, you have to go see the bigger pockets podcast that I did. It was the top 10 things every real estate investor has to know about asset protection, and you can go listen to it right here.

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