Solo 401(k) Compliance For Real Estate Investors

Don’t worry about noncompliance. Let our experts do it for you.

A Solo 401(k) can be a clever and efficient way to save for retirement. But what many plan owners don’t consider is the importance of their plan’s compliance with law and regulation.

Fortunately, Royal Legal Solutions can handle this for you. You don’t have to spend time learning the ins and outs of prohibited transactions or ever-changing legal requirements when our experts are on your team.


What is Solo 401(k) Compliance?

Solo 401(k) Compliance For Real Estate Investors can include a broad variety of services to ensure your plan isn’t running afoul of the law or regulations. Most of all, investors must avoid making prohibited transactions, which can incur costly penalties. Royal Legal Solutions offers a comprehensive subscription service to allow you to stay compliant.


Is Solo 401(k) Compliance something I can do myself?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Unfortunately, noncompliance can be very expensive in fees and penalties and lost time. Since mistakes can be expensive and this subject is complex, many of our clients are relieved when professionals assume the responsibilities. And rightly so.


Why do you need a professional?

Hiring Royal Legal Solutions to handle your Solo 401(k) Compliance takes the hard work off your own plate. Our team is well versed in current regulations and perform regular research to stay ahead of the curve. To learn more you can check out our Solo 401(k) articles and videos. You may want to start with our Solo 401(k) For Real Estate Investors.

Trust Royal Legal Solutions for your Solo 401(k) Compliance

Not As Simple As It Seems for Real Estate Investors

The factors to consider when checking for compliance are beyond most people’s common knowledge. You may actually be surprised about what you don’t know regarding the conditions for keeping your Solo 401(k) compliant.

Did you know that you need to update your plan at least every six years? Are you currently tracking all sources of income into the account? Do you know which form you need to file with the Department of Labor, and when? Do you know that your income can influence which form you need?

Is your head starting to spin from the very prospect of all this paperwork?

It’s okay if you answered “no” to any of these questions. These are things that all account holders should be doing, or having done for them by a firm like ours. Our attorneys and other seasoned legal pros have devoted years to studying the subject so you don’t have to.

Makes Solo 401(k) Compliance Easy

With our legal experts handling your solo 401(k)’s compliance, you don’t have to. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure your plan’s compliance, while you continue to focus on your other priorities.

For the absolute highest level of service, consider pairing the Solo 401(k) with the Royal Protection Plan, our option for investors who want all of the paperwork taken care of. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of our subscription format. You can put all of that paperwork out of mind and direct your time and attention back to running and growing your business.

Do you have questions? We can Help!

What’s Included In Solo 401(k) Compliance Services?

Filing Services

If you never want to stress your 5500 or 5500-EZ deadline again, our filing services are exactly what you need. Let our experts stay on top of your paperwork.

Monitoring for Prohibited Transactions

The ins-and-outs of prohibited transactions can be deceptively complex. If you’d rather not worry about incurring the fees they cause, let our experts help out. We keep our eyes peeled to ensure your plan’s transactions are on the up-and-up. Of course, we are always here if you have a question about a given transaction.

Entity Compliance for Self-Directed IRAs Available Separately

If all of this sounds wonderful but you’re using an IRA instead of a solo 401(k), we can also assist you with compliance for that retirement plan.

Investors love the Solo 401(k) for its asset protection and tax sheltering applications. Let Royal Legal Solutions show you why.


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